About the Project

i am lazy. those people who know me will deny this… but the truth is that i sometimes am… and strangely enough when it comes to photography i can get super lazy… it’s also easy to shoot the same stuff week in and week out, what is not easy is to take yourself out of that comfort area. In an effort to push myself photographically i decided that i would shoot 140 portraits of 140 people on twitter (those people that i follow or those who follow me). there are no rules for this project so i don’t plan on shooting all black and white images or shooting with the same lighting setup as that would get boring really quickly. the plan is to have fun and meet some of the people i interact with over the interwebs. if you are interested participating drop me an email at info@ravipanchia.co.za or use the contact form above to drop me a message.

why 140 portraits? 140 characters per tweet.

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